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We are a Microsoft Registered Partner and primarily develop our web application solutions using Microsoft technologies in particular we focus on ASP.NET and related web technologies. In addition we are taking a big interest in mobile development mainly for business applications.

We work closely with our clients to evolve the specialist needs of the application in question. We do not take a "distant" approach which needs documenting by deep specifications. We like to take an "Agile" approach where applications are developed in a simpler and more timely fashion resulting in a far more relevant and cost effective result meaning more profit for our clients.

We build web applications

We do not specialise in web sites that many companies use for marketing purposes. There are many great companies that do this already. Rather we build specialist business applications ie Financial Workflow, Business Process applications. We have also helped companies understand their business processes by modelling using an industry standard notation called BPMN. In this case the processes were focussed around the domain of HR. These models were then deployed to the workforce via Sharepoint for training purposes.

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