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Giving back

We believe in giving back to the local professional community, in particular to like minded small IT companies like ourselves. By helping the "ecosystem" we help all and that means we all benefit. In particular in Shropshire there are some very talented companies and individuals and it is these we strive to encourage by community activities to build knowledge, business and collaboration.

UKITA Shropshire and those great Unplugged events

Edward Bedell is chairman of the UKITA Shropshire Branch and organises the very popular monthly "UKITA Shropshire Unplugged" events at the Cock Hotel in Wellington. These cover a wide range of IT topics in a very informal settings.

UKITA Shropshire Mobile SIG

This is a new group started to capture the rapid rise in interest in "Apps" for smartphones, most noticably the IPhone. Noticing that there were a collections of talented companies already developing for these devices, it seemed an opportunity to start this group to create a hub of Mobile Development knowledge. This group is very active and draws folk from other groups such as the Shropshire Linux User's Group (SLUG) and the BCS. We have had talks on :

  • Mobile Development Overview
  • A..Z of Mobile Development
  • Overview of Android Development
  • Deployment option using MobileIron

BCS Shropshire

Edward Bedell is on the BCS Shropshire committee, and has been for a number of years. We are very keen on individual professionalism and see the BCS as "the" body in the IT industry for this.